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Video of C310 ditching near Hawaii

Small plane makes emergency landing in field near Regina

As always, congrats to this pilot for getting on the ground safely. But the story as published here leaves many unanswered questions. (Go figure!) They were headed for an alternate airport but ended up in a field. What happened? The weather was too poor to see the runway, but they managed to find a pasture. [...]

Parsing reporting

Almost everything wrong with the general media’s coverage of an aviation accident can be found in this story from the San Bernandino (Calif.) Sun. Let’s break it apart for you (assorted pithy comments interspersed below). Plane registered to Loma Linda man crashes into hillside Hmmm… What’s the news here? That a plane crashed or that [...]

Another CAPS deployment

This story from a southern Colorado television station details a successful Cirrus airframe parachute system deployment. Pilot refused medical attention. Nothing earth-shaking here, just a post for the record. Jeb