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Restricted Airspace, Rented Plane, Hijack Code

A bad day all around: A pilot flying from an Ottawa airport last Wednesday in a rented Cessna 172M inadvertently set his transponder to broadcast the hijack code and then inadvertently flew into restricted airspace… via AVweb.

AOPA Online: Biofuel-powered speed record confirmed

According to this story, Richard “Smokey” Young has set a new world record in his Formula One racer. The hook here is that the plane was fueled with “Swift Fuel”, which is one of the more promising new 100LL replacements. I’m not clear from this story whether this flight was fueled with the version of [...]

Toriaflies: First Flight

Victoria Neuville gives us this nice story, in her aviation themed blog, reminiscing about her first flight. My first flight was when I was a newly licensed driver, I had just completed ground school with my father and signed up for my discovery flight.  I was nervous and excited, to make matters worse, my flight instructor was [...]

Georgian Bay Airways Ltd.

I don’t really know anything about these folks, but the images on their website caught my eye. When things thaw out up in the great white this could be a fun destination for anyone so inclined… Georgian Bay Airways Ltd..

Is Hoot Gibson a single-engine airplane expert?

I love it when people unfamiliar or inexperienced with aviation try to argue technical matters. It’s even better when the arguing is done in public. The latest example comes courtesy of the New York Post, which ran an article detailing how lawyers for Cory Lidle’s widow, who is suing Cirrus Design in the aftermath of [...]

Huge solar flare jams radio, satellite signals: NASA

Navigation systems like GPS can also be adversely affected. via Huge solar flare jams radio, satellite signals: NASA.

It’s Like Flying Low

Not an aviation thing. But some cool footage anyway. Vroom vroom, enjoy. (BTW, Higdon found this and showed to me. I just blogged it before he did.)

360 degree views of old warbirds.

Some terrific aviation related 360 degree panoramas at this site. 360 Cities –  I Believe I Can Fly (14 Airplane Cockpits).

Play Ball

This has nothing to do with aviation, but… “But as of now, spring training is officially underway.” Woo Hoo.

4G Broadband May Jam GPS

From AvWeb: The GPS industry is warning that a proposed broadband Internet network could effectively jam GPS signals. Further, it says it has data showing that any of the anticipated 40,000 (yes, four zeroes) transmitters can make a Garmin 430 go dark at a range of five miles. GPS World calls the proposal by LightSquared [...]