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Soaring With a Hawk

Very cool video of paraglider flying with a trained hawk. We originally found this here. We talk about this video in UCAP259.

Video of C310 ditching near Hawaii

The 4-Forces from 1968

FAA video from 1968 describing the basics of aerodynamics. I found this youtube video on the site. This vid really takes me back. I remember watching these sorts of things early on Sat morning, seated on the floor in front of the TV, hot cocoa in hand. (BTW, swell prize for the first person [...]

Learning from Legends

OK, not directly an aviation story, but a touching example of how one can selflessly influence the future. In case this is totally outside your area of familiarity, the guy talking is Neil deGrasse Tyson, perhaps today’s most well known, and successful, explainer of “big science” (my quote), and considered by many to be the [...]