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Look it’s the candyman!

Here’s a pic from the recent Sun ‘n Fun of Jeb, Dave and Jack with listener Brad Marzari. Brad’s from Stuttgart Germany, and he’s the one who gave us the big pile of chocolates.

Amphib water landing with wheels down

Here’s a graphic example of why you don’t land an amphib on water with the wheels deployed. Ouch. Via Flight Monkeys

Dismantling of Hangar One begins

I know that there’s been arm-wrestling going on for years about the spectacular and historic Hangar One at Moffett Field. But I hadn’t realized that this dramatic a milestone had been reached. If you have any influence in the area, I urge you to support the completion of this restoration project. In the next several [...]

Flying DC-3s in Colombia

Deadliest Journeys: Colombia

Narrative account of the Aloha Airlines Flight 243 disaster.

Here’s a remarkable account of the Aloha Airlines fuselage disintegration some 23 years ago. In the cockpit Captain Robert Schornsteimer occupied the command seat.  First Officer Madeline ‘Mimi’ Tompkins sat to his right.  … The first indication in the cockpit that something was amiss was a loud clap and a sudden rush of wind.  Every mote of dirt [...]

A retired controller’s take on the sleepy-controllers.

Retired FAA controller Don Brown on the sleepy-controllers problem. After itemizing what he sees as the issues involved, he summarizes: You watch, they will take the overtime controllers will be forced to work in order to have two people on the mid shifts and use it to inflate controller’s average salaries and/or inflate the cost [...]

Space Flute Duet

Harmony reaches new heights as NASA Astronaut Cady Coleman, circling Earth aboard the International Space Station, and musician Ian Anderson, founder of the rock band Jethro Tull, join together for the first space-Earth duet. BTW, Dave H. is the one who found this and sent it along.

AFR447 update

This morning Jeb sent me this link to a story updating the progress on the search for the Air France 447 flight recorders. Representatives of families of Brazilian victims of a 2009 Air France jet crash say French investigators have told them the rear section of the plane has been found – and that the [...]

Video: Airbus 380 clips regional jet in NY

We talk about this a bit in UCAP233.

From the cockpit of the Blue Angels’ Fat Albert C-130