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The 4-Forces from 1968

FAA video from 1968 describing the basics of aerodynamics. I found this youtube video on the site. This vid really takes me back. I remember watching these sorts of things early on Sat morning, seated on the floor in front of the TV, hot cocoa in hand. (BTW, swell prize for the first person [...]

The View from 2,500 Feet

Not to make this an all-Fallows-all-the-time blog, but this short piece by James Fallows’ wife Deborah does a pretty good job of identifying and exposing one of the reasons we fly: the sense of adventure. It also highlights the fact we can see the world as no one else. Recommended… Jeb

Flight Monkeys Expand and Extend

Chief Flight Monkey Jamie Beckett expands upon our conversation in UCAP 240 about the Stinson taildragger that executed (just barely) a grass field takeoff which was captured on video. Jamie writes, in part: While the ending of this video may give you a chuckle, it’s important for those of us who teach people to fly [...]

AFR447 Update: Why Can’t Airline Pilots Recover From Stalls?

The French equivalent to the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board — the (Bureau d’Enquêtes et d’Analyses pour la sécurité de l’aviation civile, or BEA) — this morning released an update to its ongoing investigation into the June 1, 2009, crash of Air France Flight 447. The aircraft, an Airbus A330, disappeared over the equatorial Atlantic [...]