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Late in the Game: A (Losing) Team’s Point-Guard Head-fake

March Madness: Cross-Court play between Congress and 800 Independence… Hard to believe, but the FAA finally, officially addressed the joint AOPA/EAA petition to expand Sport Pilot-like medical qualifications to some pilots and operations…a petition built on reasonably crafted limitations. That tardy response from the FAA is, of course, all the talk here at the 40th [...]

Look it’s the candyman!

Here’s a pic from the recent Sun ‘n Fun of Jeb, Dave and Jack with listener Brad Marzari. Brad’s from Stuttgart Germany, and he’s the one who gave us the big pile of chocolates.

Kind gift from a listener

We’re always grateful when listeners make contributions to the UCAP Tip Jar. But this “donation” was an especially pleasant surprise. Listener Brad “Launchpad” Marzari, from Stuttgart Germany, vistited with us while we were all at Sun ‘n Fun, and he gifted us with a delectable selection of genuine German chocolates. Thanks Brad.

Sun ‘n Fun Saturday Morning Balloon Launch

Good morning from Saturday morning at the Sun ‘n Fun Fly-in. This morning was the annual mass balloon launch. Over two dozen hot air balloons inflated, launched, and drifted across the grounds to some mysterious distant location.

Pics of Sun ‘n Fun Aircraft and Grounds Damage

Here’s a handful of pics I took of the damage to the Sun ‘n Fun grounds from yesterday’s storm. [Click to go to Flickr picture set.]

Sun ‘n Fun Weather Press Conference

Sun ‘n Fun President John Burton just held a press conference to report on the weather events of today at the fly-in. He reported that 40 – 50 aircraft were damaged on the field. He said he had no estimate of the dollar value of the damage. There were only minor injuries to people on [...]

Mark Stulls’ New Custom Airplane Design

UPDATE: Thanks to Roy in comments, here’s a thread where Mark Stull himself talks about this design. Last year at Sun ‘n Fun we were amazed by an ultralight with a particularly unique design. Well its designer, Mark Stull, is back again this year with another eye-popping design. This time it’s got a full circle [...]

Watching the Airshow

Watching the Airshow at Sun ‘n Fun 2011

Large and small planes parked at Sun ‘n Fun 2011

Blériot Monoplane Reproduction