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Don Weaver presenting EAA Webinar on Acro

On Thursday September 15 at 7 PM AcroCamp CFI Don Weaver will be presenting an EAA Webinar on The Aerodynamics of Basic Aerobatic Flight.

AcroCamp — Jack flies in the Pitts

They backed me into a corner. I had no choice. (OK I admit that I secretly wanted to do it, but I was kinda scared shitless by the whole idea.) So I let them strap me in, and I “flew” the Pitts S-2B. I’m still digesting the experience — and I’ll say more about it [...]

AcroCamp II is coming

Airspeed’s Steve Tupper has announced the “casting call” for the second of his oh-so-cool AcroCamp events. Last May Michigan’s Pontiac Airport hosted four “campers”, two acro CFIs, a video crew, and some groupies (me!) for a total immersion, multiple day course in the basics of acrobatic flight. Now he’s getting ready for the second edition. [...]

IAC88 Blog: This Is the New IAC 88 Blog

Don Weaver, one of the two exceptional Acro instructors from last spring’s AcroCamp, is now blogging for his IAC Chapter. Check it out. IAC88 Blog: This Is the New IAC 88 Blog.