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Every inaction has an unequal and opposite reaction…

The FAA stalled a bit to long on even answering the medical-certificate exemption petition filed two years ago by AOPA and EAA…now, Congress has noticed and moved with a new bill that would expand driver’s license medical. What’s the arguable penalty for FAA inaction? Beyond the mere fact that Congress is now engaged? That this [...]

Poor Skycatcher…hobbled, handicapped — and then ultimately heaved?

Well…this has wedged in my throat far long enough…time to clear the airway and unstick this from my craw: Last month’s backhanded remarks by Cessna boss Scott Earnest about his company’s beleaguered 162 Skycatcher LSA may sadly mark the end of a once promising expansion of the planemaker’s product line, downscale and back into the [...]

Best video I’ve seen of Reno crash as plane loses control

This is the first time I’ve seen this video. Starting around 7:30 in the vid is some excellent footage of the plane as it began to lose control. Final Flight of the Ghost from Jason Schillereff on Vimeo. This video DOES NOT show the impact. Just the events leading up to it.

Boeing ships first 787

Boeing today made its first delivery of the sexy new 787 “Dreamliner”. Business news is all abuzz about what this means for Boeing’s bottom line. Mostly we just care about it being a cool airplane.

Well Done AP Story on Reno Tragedy

Other than one phrase in the first graf, this is a pretty well done story about the Reno tragedy. …video of the scene shows paramedics, police and spectators attending to the wounded with a control that seems contradictory to the devastation. Officials and those in the tightly-knit air racing community credit not only a detailed [...]

Reno Air Races Crash

As you probably know by now, a modified P-51 race plane, flown by highly experienced pilot Jimmy Leeward, crashed during a race Friday at the annual Races. The plane impacted either very near, or actually among the spectators of the race. The deaths of Leeward, and two spectators seems to be confirmed. There are all [...]

Flying a beat

California Sheriff Adds Light Sport Airplane To Fleet Light sport aircraft are marketed to pilots (and prospective pilots) as a safe, economical and a relatively simple way to fly. Now it turns out the same pitch is working for law enforcement. The Tulare County Sheriff’s Department is the first agency in the country to put [...]

Irene video

Not really a GA item, but this video of TS/Hurricane Irene is pretty cool. And sobering. Watch how “she” rotates. It’s easy to anthropomorphize it into an evil entity.

Irene’s Impact on Aviation

In UCAP 251 we talked about how Hurricane Irene might impact Jeb on the west coast of Florida. Soon after we recorded that, the predicted track changed, and now Irene is barreling down on the northern east coast of the US. Up here in Michigan we’re hearing stories of how regional military aviation bases are having all [...]

Senator Shaheen urges financing FAA at KASH presser

Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) publicly urged her colleagues on Friday to end the deadlock and fully fund the FAA and its programs. Without a long-term authorization, the FAA can’t plan effectively for major renovation projects or a badly needed overhaul of our air traffic control system. Read entire article. (Notable trivia: No biz jets in [...]