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Acrocamp — Behind the Scenes at Acrocamp 2 Podcast

“Denise & David K” We talk with AcroCampers Denise Isaacs and David Klein. [Audio clip: view full post to listen] Direct Link to audio.

Acrocamp — Final day begins

Up and moving around for the final day of AcroCamp 2. This day will be a little different. Some of the campers need to leave to catch airline flights mid afternoon, we have some final video shots we want to capture, and we need to get cleaning and packing. But there will be some acro [...]

AcroCamp — Jack in the Pitts

From my Thursday flight in the Pitts.

Acrocamp — Flight Ops Going

The flying has started here at Day 4. The AcroCampers were getting a little itchy ’cause they all wanted to fly, after the day off. But we had to do some moviemaking, recording biography interviews with the cast. We started with CFI Barry, and campers David K and Denise. But that’s done for now, and [...]

Acrocamp — Day 4 Begins

We’re up and moving around here at AC2. Sun rising in — yet another — clear sunny sky. Steve just taxiid the Citabria over from the hangars (“… and you know what? I’m LOGGING that time!”). We’ve already had some conversations about the video shots we need to finish up the story. The flying is [...]

Acrocamp — Rest Day

Today, Sunday, has been a scheduled rest day for AcroCamp. After AcroCamp 1 one of the pieces of feedback was that 4 1/2 days back to back was a bit wearing, especially for the campers and instructors who not be getting overly fatigued. So this time our AcroCamp overlords built in a day of rest. [...]

AcroCamp — More Pics

I’ve added more pics from AcroCamp.

AcroCamp — Behind the Scenes Podcast, Episode Charlie

“Lots of Heroes” The Behind the Scenes at AcroCamp 2 Podcast, Episode Charlie. During the AcroCamp 2 Ground School we pulled Director of Photography Will Hawkins aside to talk about how you capture four and a half days of flying on video. [Audio clip: view full post to listen] Direct Link to audio.

AcroCamp — Larry & Marty go to AcroCamp

AcroCamp visitors Larry Overstreet (twitter: @larryoverstreet) and Marty Aaron (twitter: @pilot2b) stopped by to visit AC2 today, and were pressed into service to do the oh-so-important task of cleaning the bugs off the AC Citabria. Thanks to Larry and Marty for their help, and Welcome to AcroCamp!

AcroCamp — Pics on Flickr

I’m posting pics from AcroCamp 2 on my Flickr account. I’ve created a Set that I’ll continue to add pics to as the event progresses. Check it often.