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Late in the Game: A (Losing) Team’s Point-Guard Head-fake

March Madness: Cross-Court play between Congress and 800 Independence… Hard to believe, but the FAA finally, officially addressed the joint AOPA/EAA petition to expand Sport Pilot-like medical qualifications to some pilots and operations…a petition built on reasonably crafted limitations. That tardy response from the FAA is, of course, all the talk here at the 40th [...]

Every inaction has an unequal and opposite reaction…

The FAA stalled a bit to long on even answering the medical-certificate exemption petition filed two years ago by AOPA and EAA…now, Congress has noticed and moved with a new bill that would expand driver’s license medical. What’s the arguable penalty for FAA inaction? Beyond the mere fact that Congress is now engaged? That this [...]

UCAP website to go dark in protest of SOPA/PIPA

On Jan 18 the Uncontrolled Airspace website will go dark from 8am to 8pm as part of an internet-wide protest of the SOPA/PIPA bills which are being considered by the US Congress. Cory Doctorow of the Boing Boing website explains the issues well. “… I don’t think that any amount of “piracy” justifies this [...]

Hangar One needs our help

Over on Google Plus, Max Trescott reminds us that the historic airship hangar “Hangar One” is in a very precarious state: If you’re in Silicon Valley and look at the south end of Hangar One at Moffett Field, you’ll see that a large amount of siding has been removed, exposing the hangar’s inner framework to [...]

Senator Shaheen urges financing FAA at KASH presser

Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) publicly urged her colleagues on Friday to end the deadlock and fully fund the FAA and its programs. Without a long-term authorization, the FAA can’t plan effectively for major renovation projects or a badly needed overhaul of our air traffic control system. Read entire article. (Notable trivia: No biz jets in [...]

The Republic is safe again. Until next time.

We are happy to report Congress finally got around to doing at least part of its job and earlier today passed legislation extending FAA funding. For those who care, the Senate adopted by unanimous consent a House-passed bill containing the extension along with a provision eliminating funding for the Essential Air Service (EAS) program. The [...]