A retired controller’s take on the sleepy-controllers.

Retired FAA controller Don Brown on the sleepy-controllers problem.
After itemizing what he sees as the issues involved, he summarizes:
You watch, they will take the overtime controllers will be forced to work in order to have two people on the mid shifts and use it to inflate controller’s average salaries and/or inflate the cost of how much it takes to run an FAA Tower compared to a contract Tower. When it is time to negotiate, the Republicans will use the cost of that overtime against controllers — just like Spain did to their controllers. And when they have enough power to try and privatize the system again, they’ll use the increased costs to show how “inefficient” the government is.
Don’t think that this sleepy-controller situation isn’t a serious safety problem. It is. It just won’t be resolved because our society doesn’t like the answer to the problem.