AcroCamp II is coming

Airspeed’s Steve Tupper has announced the “casting call” for the second of his oh-so-cool AcroCamp events.

Last May Michigan’s Pontiac Airport hosted four “campers”, two acro CFIs, a video crew, and some groupies (me!) for a total immersion, multiple day course in the basics of acrobatic flight.

Now he’s getting ready for the second edition.

Scheduled for mid/late August at Ray Community Airport (57D), AcroCamp II will welcome four new campers. If you’d like to be one of them you can apply online.

And the AcroCamp 1 movie should be out sometime this summer.

I can’t wait to attend AC2. If it’s anything like the first, it will be a blast.

BTW, Steve reports on the continuing adventures of the AC1 Campers:

Jim Rodriguez has become a CFI. Paul Berliner is still flying heavy iron, but talked his check airman at his next recurrent sim session into letting him barrel-roll the jet 707-style. I see Lynda Meeks at industry events as she grows Girls With Wings. And Michelle Kole looks out at me from the cover of this month’s Plane & Pilot as she flies the new Super Decathlon that she bought after we wrapped.

[Edited to add name of and link to Ray Airport.]