Monthly BBQ at Sanford Maine

I visited one of my old haunts last evening. Sanford Maine Airport’s “Southern Maine Aviation” was hosting one of their monthly hangar barbecues.

These things have been on my calendar for months, but travel, or other personal commitments, have always interferred. But last evening I was able to make the drive up the Maine and visit with my old flying friends.


SMA laid out a spread of roast chicken, salad, and scrumptious corn on the cob.

It was a real pleasure to visit with my old friends at SMA, Rich, Sue, John, and to make some new aviation friends John and Michelle.

I’ve said it before, Southern Maine Aviation, at Sanford Maine (SFM), is my opinion of a textbook, great, grassroots FBO. Smallish airport but active, fuel, on-field restaraunt, friendly-competent FBO staff, beautiful countryside on the flight up and back.

And the wide variety of planes on the ramp. LSAs to bizjets, amphibs and fabric covereds, more.

Keep an eye on their website for the next monthly hangar barbecue, or other of their social events, or just fly up there some time for a burger or breakfast.