Reno Air Races Crash

As you probably know by now, a modified P-51 race plane, flown by highly experienced pilot Jimmy Leeward, crashed during a race Friday at the annual Races.

The plane impacted either very near, or actually among the spectators of the race. The deaths of Leeward, and two spectators seems to be confirmed.

There are all sorts of reports raging in the internet about the tragedy. The cause, the actual circumstances, and even the number of fatalities is still a subject of rumor.

It’s an incredible tragedy, and our hearts go out to all affected, in any way, by these events.

We need to sit tight while the experts sort this out. Eventually we will learn of the actual details of what happened.

And though it will be so small a consolation, we will learn things that will make our own flying safer, and improve on the spectacular safety record of the Reno Air Races.