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Ode To A Rose

Myrtle Rose is a 75-year-old widow who, according to news reports, has been flying “since the mid-1960s and even performed as a wing walker until five or six years ago.” She’s in the news this week, but not because her award-winning Piper J-3 Cub has a teddy bear strapped into its front seat. Instead, her [...]

The Republic is safe again. Until next time.

We are happy to report Congress finally got around to doing at least part of its job and earlier today passed legislation extending FAA funding. For those who care, the Senate adopted by unanimous consent a House-passed bill containing the extension along with a provision eliminating funding for the Essential Air Service (EAS) program. The [...]

In the event of Government Shutdown, this for your consideration…

From the good folks at our friendly aeronautical agency concerned with helping us fly more safely: =============================== Status of FAASTeam Seminars and Events Notice Number: NOTC2914 Due to the uncertainty surrounding funding for continued federal government operations, including FAA operations, the FAA Safety Team wants you to be aware of the following points. If Congress [...]