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Ready! Set! Sun’nFun 2011!

Dave, Jeb and I have all arrived in Central Florida for Sun ‘n Fun 2011. We’re looking forward to a great week here at Lakeland, watching airplanes and meeting good friends. We’ll be doing a lot of podcasting while here. Two full episodes of the podcast, plus a series of more-or-less daily “QuickTurns” episodes. New [...]

Campaign Savvy versus Policy Stupidity

Welcome back to 2008! Hope you like it here, because it appears more and more that 2008 is as far as some members of our House of Representatives want the country to progress. My point? Well, today, a House committee marked up its version of the FAA reauthorization law. The majority refused to increase excise [...]

the new math of airline airfares

If you know who these folks are, and what event this was recorded at, please leave a comment.

Just because I can


Above San Francisco

Strap one of the very cool GoPro HD cameras under your wing and go flying. Just wish it were longer. Above San Francisco with a GoPro (and a wheel…) from Nigel Ellis on Vimeo. Above San Francisco

UCAP Rallying for and evangalizing for GA since 2006…

Received an interesting “pitch” from our favorite airplane-owning and piloting amalgamation today, pointing out how its top pilot wants us all to Rally GA throughout 2011… Good to see them catching up with UCAP. Aside from the product pitches (anti-identity theft products, etc., ad nauseum…) the topic sort of irritated me; first, thought that was [...]