Mark Stulls’ New Custom Airplane Design

UPDATE: Thanks to Roy in comments, here’s a thread where Mark Stull himself talks about this design.

Last year at Sun ‘n Fun we were amazed by an ultralight with a particularly unique design. Well its designer, Mark Stull, is back again this year with another eye-popping design. This time it’s got a full circle round tail.

This is Stull’s 8th custom design. It’s his first tractor prop. All of his past designs have used pusher props.

It’s pretty interesting to watch this plane fly. On a traditional tail you notice very little movement of the control surfaces, but with this design the whole circular tail moves horizontally and vertically. It really wiggles around back there, particularly on a windy day like today.

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  1. Roy says:

    For those interested in more pictures or the thought process behind Mark Stull’s latest creation, here’s the thread he started on HBA: