Sun ‘n Fun Weather Press Conference

Sun ‘n Fun President John Burton just held a press conference to report on the weather events of today at the fly-in.

He reported that 40 – 50 aircraft were damaged on the field. He said he had no estimate of the dollar value of the damage.

There were only minor injuries to people on the grounds. 15 people walked to or were transported to on-grounds first-aid posts. 7 of those were sent to the Lakeland Linder medical center. None of their injuries are serious.

The Fly-in will be open tomorrow. A major cleanup operation will occur overnight, and the event will reopen Friday at 8 AM.

The Blue Angels will still appear at the fly-in this weekend. Their schduled events for Thursday will now happen on Friday.

Burton expressed thanks to the emergency services groups of Lakeland and Polk county for their help during the afternoon.

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  1. Mike Morgan says:

    Jack, thanks for your coolheaded relaying of information today. There was abundant excitement and lots of curiosity for those of us at a distance. Stay dry!