In the event of Government Shutdown, this for your consideration…

From the good folks at our friendly aeronautical agency concerned with helping us fly more safely:
Status of FAASTeam Seminars and Events
Notice Number: NOTC2914

Due to the uncertainty surrounding funding for continued federal government operations, including FAA operations, the FAA Safety Team wants you to be aware of the following points.

If Congress does not provide continued funding for FAA operations, some seminars and events may need to be cancelled.

Most seminars and events will be presented as scheduled.

We do not, at this time, know the extent of any potential federal government shut down.

The only means at our disposal to provide you with cancellation information is on

Cancelled events will still be listed on but will be “grayed out” and “lined out” to indicate they have been cancelled.

Given the rules of the shut down that we must follow, we may not be able to provide timely notice of seminar and event cancellations.

Please note that the web site will be up and running during this time and the many online courses, online resources and other features will be available.

We appreciate your understanding of the difficulties we face at this time. Please check back often at to confirm the status of any particular seminar or event.

Kevin Clover
National FAASTeam Manager