Look it’s the candyman!

Here’s a pic from the recent Sun ‘n FunĀ of Jeb, Dave and Jack with listener Brad Marzari. Brad’s from Stuttgart Germany, and he’s the one who gave us the big pile of chocolates.


  1. Timothy says:

    Quick! Guess which one lives in Florida!

  2. I can say with total honesty that I witnessed the candy hand-off first hand. I did not sample the sweets, but I did see the exchange occur.

    Yet another reason to get to Sun ‘n Fun early, stay late, and bring your tornado gear.

    NOTE: Tornado gear consists primarily of the following: 20 feet of rope, a sledge hammer, and a large stake to pound into the ground.
    TORNADO GEAR INSTRUCTIONS: Tie the rope around your waist, tie the other end around the stake, pound the stake into the ground. Hope very hard that no tornadoes wander near you, the rope, or the stake.
    ADDITIONAL INSTRUCTIONS: Prepare stock answers to a long list of perfectly reasonable questions about why a sane person would stake themselves to the ground at an air-show/Fly-In.