AOPA Summit — Subliminal Surprise

Wandering the aisles during my final minutes at the Summit, this booth caught my attention for some reason I didn’t immediately understand.

Flying Musicians' Booth

Looking more closely I saw the sweatshirt with mutliple autographs and the big block letters on it. I looked more closely. Hmmm it says UCAP… hey wait! it says UCAP!

UCAP sweatshirt

Turns out this is the sweatshirt that Howie Marlin — the listener from Marthas Vineyard, who has been educating us about aviation on the island — brought to our Oshkosh Beer Bash, and which all party-goers signed.

I already knew, but had forgotten, that Howie is involved with the Flying Musicians, and for some reason that I don’t really understand he put it on display in the booth. I don’t understand, but it’s very cool.

By the way, also on display were the lyrics to James Wyndbrant’s 2011 OSH song: Rock Your Wings.

Rock Your WingsFM

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  1. Howie Marlin says:

    I played “Rock Your Wings” on stage at Airport fest and was rewarded with a huge response. A small gathering after the gig brought up the topic of OSH and among us was a UCAP follower who recalled the podcast of our beer bash. The sweat shirt is part of my travel kit, and brought it in the next day for him to check out. Playing “Rock Your Wings” in the booth made a lot of people smile, and was the perfect song mixing music and aviation. People love that song, and showing the words was fodder for a lot of discussion. Thank you again James Wynbrandt for permission to show off his creative talents!!!