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AFR447 Update: Why Can’t Airline Pilots Recover From Stalls?

The French equivalent to the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board — the (Bureau d’Enquêtes et d’Analyses pour la sécurité de l’aviation civile, or BEA) — this morning released an update to its ongoing investigation into the June 1, 2009, crash of Air France Flight 447. The aircraft, an Airbus A330, disappeared over the equatorial Atlantic [...]

Parsing reporting

Almost everything wrong with the general media’s coverage of an aviation accident can be found in this story from the San Bernandino (Calif.) Sun. Let’s break it apart for you (assorted pithy comments interspersed below). Plane registered to Loma Linda man crashes into hillside Hmmm… What’s the news here? That a plane crashed or that [...]

BREAKING: Plane crashes at airport

This story from the Helena (Mon.) Independent Record exemplifies economical headlines. It was later updated to include the word “small.” I’m waiting for a similar headline: “Dog barks at man.” Jeb