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Vintage Luxury: Boeing 314 Flying Boat in Detail

Some great pics of the legendary Flying Boats at this site.

In the event of Government Shutdown, this for your consideration…

From the good folks at our friendly aeronautical agency concerned with helping us fly more safely: =============================== Status of FAASTeam Seminars and Events Notice Number: NOTC2914 Due to the uncertainty surrounding funding for continued federal government operations, including FAA operations, the FAA Safety Team wants you to be aware of the following points. If Congress [...]

Dave’s Hang-gliding ramp

In a couple of the Sun ‘n Fun episodes we talked about the hang-gliding launch ramp from Dave’s past. Its existence, and airfoil shape, was confirmed by Dan Johnson, and now Airspeed’s Steve Tupper points us to pics and an official history.

Kind gift from a listener

We’re always grateful when listeners make contributions to the UCAP Tip Jar. But this “donation” was an especially pleasant surprise. Listener Brad “Launchpad” Marzari, from Stuttgart Germany, vistited with us while we were all at Sun ‘n Fun, and he gifted us with a delectable selection of genuine German chocolates. Thanks Brad.

Sun ‘n Fun 2011 Hot Air Balloon Launch

UPDATE: Sorry, didn’t realize that the video was “private”. I’ve fixed that now.

Sun ‘n Fun Saturday Morning Balloon Launch

Good morning from Saturday morning at the Sun ‘n Fun Fly-in. This morning was the annual mass balloon launch. Over two dozen hot air balloons inflated, launched, and drifted across the grounds to some mysterious distant location.

Pics of Sun ‘n Fun Aircraft and Grounds Damage

Here’s a handful of pics I took of the damage to the Sun ‘n Fun grounds from yesterday’s storm. [Click to go to Flickr picture set.]